The Venomous Vault

Deborah was in for a rude shock when she reached Debbie’s room. The killer was sitting on Debbie’s bed with her head on his lap. Debbie was still under the influence of the sleeping pills. … Continue readingThe Venomous Vault

I Belonged

Looking at the eager eyes of his friends, he agreed to reveal that part of his world which he had hidden somewhere deep inside him. … Continue readingI Belonged

You Amaze Me!

I was being tossed from one hand to another. And Boy! People were making such weird faces at me. They literally scared the hell out of me, but still unaffected by my cries, they all kept laughing and congratulating each other. I was wrapped in a sheet and was passed on to a woman who was half sitting – half lying on a bed. … Continue readingYou Amaze Me!