A Hundred Thousand

I wrote this poem in 2013 when The Supreme Court of India upheld Section 377 stating that a minuscule fraction of the country’s population constitutes the LGBT community. … Continue readingA Hundred Thousand

Waiting for the Rainbow

He sat on the edge of his bed Mother’s voice. Fret. Pearls fell on the white granite A puddle. A pool. He folded his hands in anticipation Voices tripled. A … Continue readingWaiting for the Rainbow

How Lazaro Met Versace

Paul Smith Red Gown Was in search for An Armani Tuxedo. Prada footwear desperately wanted, A Lloyd companion. Smokin’ hot trunks Wanted to do Hoola Hoo With a sizzling Two-Piece. … Continue readingHow Lazaro Met Versace

Life – An Experienced Reality!

Life is like a piece of cloth, Once glorious turns atrocious, But, in my case It began with the latter phase With no chance to turn glorious again. My life … Continue readingLife – An Experienced Reality!