5 Ways to deal with annoying people in a co-working space!

Co-Working Spaces are cropping up like weed. No doubt they are great! If you work in a co-working space, you already know its advantages, if not then you can find numerous articles that will help you with it. Now let’s get real, though these spaces can be brilliant for networking, they can also test your patience with a barrage of people that you have to deal with everyday. While some can be angels, others can suck the life out of you by merely existing.

Let’s dive straight into some handy tips that can save you from these co-working dementors!

1. Set Boundaries

You might be a great person who talks politely to everybody but you need to set some boundaries right at the beginning when a new person arrives. Make small talk and let it breathe for a few days. Observe the person, eventually you’ll be able to decide if you want to get involved with this person.

2. The Shadow Game

We all know how f***ing annoying the Shadow Game can be. But there are some people who deserve the worst version of it. This one comes out of experience. Did I tell you that I work in a co-working space? As though it wasn’t obvious. Anyway, so this person at my space keeps staring at our team, all the f***king time. At any given point of time, if any of my teammates look up, we’d find him already staring at us or at our laptop screens. I gave it a week, now I stare right back at him until he starts looking down. Although this little game has worked until now, it still hasn’t cured his disease entirely.

So, if they annoy you by staring, randomly talking or interfering with your work, start giving them the same treatment. Hopefully they’ll realise the jerks that they are, and step back.

3. Plug in some lovely music

I understand that this might not be the best option and might hamper your work in case you have concentration issues. But if you love some soothing background music to work to, it can work wonders in saving you from that co-working leech. Not only you can avoid hearing their voice, you can enjoy your favourite music even when they are ruining the atmosphere with their unpleasant aura.

4. Seek refuge in your work

If there is one thing that they cannot stop you from doing, it is your work. Tell them politely that you have a deadline to meet or that you are really busy in some important task – all of this with a very stern face. However annoying this person maybe, they will ‘have to’ understand the importance of your work. Your expressions are key here. Please appear serious while saying this.

5. Be honest and face them

If none of the above solutions work and this person has vowed to camp on your personal ground, you need to tell them the truth. Even at the risk of appearing rude, let them know that you can’t engage. Or simply that you don’t want to. Trust me! It is much easier than all the above solutions, that is only when you have made up your mind and are ready for it. Telling them upfront will save you from a lot of unnecessary drama.

Don’t be afraid, your colleagues and friends already know you. And frankly, they are the only ones that matter. Even if that intruder thinks that you are a terrible person, it doesn’t mean anything. You be the wonderful person that you are and stay away from all that negativity. After all, your co-working space is the area where you need maximum positivity to germinate brilliant ideas. You don’t want some useless person polluting it for you.

There you go! I hope these 5 little pointers help you tackle some negative energies around you and make the most of your co-working space. Cheers!

Let me know if you have faced or dealt with some annoying co-workers in the comment section below. Let’s hear your stories and solutions.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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  1. Love these tips!! 🙂 I’m one week in at a new co-working space (I’m used to being in a corporate office with a cubicle) so I definitely will be using this advice going forward

    1. Ya, I read your article the day. I’ve been working in a co-working space since 2 years now. I am sure you are going to enjoy your time there and for the uncalled ones, I hope these tips help you. Cheers! 😀

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