10 Instagram Handles For The Cinephile In You

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I scout for the most interesting film-related Instagram handles all the time. I thought it would be exciting to put them all in one place for the cinephile hidden in all of you. These accounts put their heart and soul into bringing the magic of cinema alive through their work.

While some of these accounts have helped me understand cinema, others let me relive the scenes and dialogues close to my heart. I can still recall the day I discovered @screenplayed. I found myself deep into the pits of how a script breathes on-screen. When @colorpalette.cinema did a quiz on Instagram where you had to guess the movie based on the colour scheme used, I was both surprised and glad to see that I could identify almost all of them. Ah! that was such a happy feeling.

At this point, the maximum number of posts that I have saved on Instagram would be by @neonoirfilm. They source some of the most gorgeous images from the world of cinema. Another devoted cinephile, Andrea David’s handle, @filmtourismus, shows shooting locations from movies in their present situation. Okay, that might be an unfair description, which is why you need to check out their handle.

I have curated 10 Instagram handles that bring you everything from behind-the-scenes, screenplays, trivia, still shots, dialogues, film parallels, and analogies to mathematics (true story). For now, all the handles in this list cover global cinema, but I do have another list for exclusive Indian content. I might share them soon in another post based on the response to this one.

Other than these 10 handles, there are a few more that deserve an honorary mention. I’ll list them out here, don’t forget to check these out as well: @thefilmzone, @cinemamonamourpage, @letterboxd, @filmmakersway. Here goes the rest!

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