I Belonged

Looking at the eager eyes of his friends, he agreed to reveal that part of his world which he had hidden somewhere deep inside him. … Continue readingI Belonged

When Love Oozed Out Blood

Taira blindly switched on the lights and shrieked in bewilderment. A river of sweat sprang out of her temples. She hurried backwards as Neev advanced towards her. … Continue readingWhen Love Oozed Out Blood

My Strawberry-Flavoured Coffee

I look up from Page 31 of ‘Em and The Big Hoom’ by Jerry Pinto to take that perfectly timed sip of my Caramel Latte. As a ritual, I throw quick glances on the nearby tables before getting back to the purple coloured paperback in my left hand. I see an afraid smile trying to peep from a dreamily cropped stubble. … Continue readingMy Strawberry-Flavoured Coffee

How Lazaro Met Versace

Paul Smith Red Gown Was in search for An Armani Tuxedo. Prada footwear desperately wanted, A Lloyd companion. Smokin’ hot trunks Wanted to do Hoola Hoo With a sizzling Two-Piece. … Continue readingHow Lazaro Met Versace