How Lazaro Met Versace

Paul Smith Red Gown

Was in search for

An Armani Tuxedo.

Prada footwear desperately wanted,

A Lloyd companion.

Smokin’ hot trunks
Wanted to do Hoola Hoo
With a sizzling Two-Piece.
Y – Front was on seventh heaven
Just thinking about a G-String.
Searching days eventually ended,
For, the Football Jersey
Finally found a Blink Swimwear.
But, Making the first move
Perhaps, was the only problem.
Going beyond the tradition,
Surprisingly, the Tight-Mini
Poured her heart out
To the amazed Cargo Pants.
The affluent Wallet accepted the offer,
The Hand Purse did a little Jig.
Following Days,
Their bond deepened
Their affection blossomed.
The French Beard went on its knees,
Took out a Sapphire Circle,
And proposed the Fringe Haircut.
The Paul Smith ‘Red’ gown transformed
To a Lazaro ‘White’ graced by a dazzling Veil,
Armani Tuxedo was replaced
By a formal Versace Suit.
For, they were now a Man and Wife.
Maternity attire was on,
Money was being saved for future,
For, they got a golden opportunity,
To rock the cradle of
A baby pink frock and
A naughty blue Eton Suit.
Gradually, their wardrobe got a Retro look,
The Pants got Bald,
The Tunics got Wrinkled,
Green Crayons started turning Black.
Two hands on one walking stick
Rested in piece with
Their locks entangled in eternal love. <3
Photo by Brian Hartley on Unsplash

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      1. I know. I randomly chanced upon it.
        Though I must confess, it impressed me much more than it did, the first time I read it.

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