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Chasing your creative dreams – a conversation with Naina Gade

I spoke to a young and vibrant Naina Gade, who has worked behind the scenes on several television shows and movies, and as a result of her work, was accepted at one of the most prestigious film schools in the world. In our one-on-one chat, we discussed many aspects of media and entertainment industry, that I am sure many of you will find illuminating. … Continue readingChasing your creative dreams – a conversation with Naina Gade

5 Ways to deal with annoying people in a co-working space!

Co-working spaces can be brilliant for networking, they can also test your patience with a barrage of people that you have to deal with everyday. Here are some handy tips that can save you from these co-working dementors! … Continue reading5 Ways to deal with annoying people in a co-working space!

The Honking Syndrome

Listen, if you are going to honk your goddamn horn, make sure that you give me an experience nothing less than Another Day of Sun from La La Land. That is the only honking-in-unison that I can accept. … Continue readingThe Honking Syndrome

Fell victim to office politics and how!

Whatever you are about to read now happened with me a couple of years ago. I never had the heart to make it public. I penned this down on the night when this particular incident of ‘toxic office politics’ took place, to vent out. Though I felt relieved that night sharing my story with my laptop, but today I feel even more empowered after publishing this here. It’ll only make me stronger from here on.) … Continue readingFell victim to office politics and how!

The Venomous Vault

Deborah was in for a rude shock when she reached Debbie’s room. The killer was sitting on Debbie’s bed with her head on his lap. Debbie was still under the influence of the sleeping pills. … Continue readingThe Venomous Vault

A Hundred Thousand

I wrote this poem in 2013 when The Supreme Court of India upheld Section 377 stating that a minuscule fraction of the country’s population constitutes the LGBT community. … Continue readingA Hundred Thousand

I Belonged

Looking at the eager eyes of his friends, he agreed to reveal that part of his world which he had hidden somewhere deep inside him. … Continue readingI Belonged