In a flash!

Surrounded by colours, he told himself that it wasn’t too late. Those colours had changed his life once, they could save him again. Two years ago, a lady covered in … Continue readingIn a flash!

Shattered Tatters – A Short Story

I heard Ma’s voice from our 0-BHK jhuggi, ‘Keshav, you better come inside at once. It has started raining already, I don’t want you sneezing and disturbing my sleep all night.’ … Continue readingShattered Tatters – A Short Story

My Strawberry-Flavoured Coffee

I look up from Page 31 of ‘Em and The Big Hoom’ by Jerry Pinto to take that perfectly timed sip of my Caramel Latte. As a ritual, I throw quick glances on the nearby tables before getting back to the purple coloured paperback in my left hand. I see an afraid smile trying to peep from a dreamily cropped stubble. … Continue readingMy Strawberry-Flavoured Coffee

Mardaani – Movie Review | Rani Mukerji | Pradeep Sarkar

Another major issue with this film is that like cliche Bollywood Cop movies, Shivani takes law in her hands and even says, ‘agar legally kaam karte rahoge, toh criminals ko kaise pakdoge?’ (If you keep working legally, how will you catch the criminals?) Then she decides to give the tag of ‘public outrage’ on killing the antagonist. … Continue readingMardaani – Movie Review | Rani Mukerji | Pradeep Sarkar

An Unusual Pull

A short-shorter-shortest tale, an attempt to bother your goosebumps. … Continue readingAn Unusual Pull

How Lazaro Met Versace

Paul Smith Red Gown Was in search for An Armani Tuxedo. Prada footwear desperately wanted, A Lloyd companion. Smokin’ hot trunks Wanted to do Hoola Hoo With a sizzling Two-Piece. … Continue readingHow Lazaro Met Versace

Life – An Experienced Reality!

Life is like a piece of cloth, Once glorious turns atrocious, But, in my case It began with the latter phase With no chance to turn glorious again. My life … Continue readingLife – An Experienced Reality!