An Unusual Pull

He sat on the edge of his bed, legs hanging down, stopping an inch before they could touch the cold white marble. He felt ticklish on his right sole. Feeling fidgety, he flinched. He looked down and saw a black thread hanging down from his right foot. Feeling relieved, he bent down to throw it away. He grabbed the lower end of the thread and pulled it off.  Suddenly, he felt a stinging pain and there, right in front of him, he saw his flesh wearing off along with the thread. Along with the flesh came off the bones and the thread absorbed him. Slowly, the thread expanded, formed a human figure and sat on the edge of the bed with its legs hanging down.

Photo by Olliss on Unsplash

9 Replies to “An Unusual Pull”

  1. Loved this! Toying with death and rebirth. Whay inspired it?

    Love your descriptive way of making the reader feel they’re right there. 💛💛

  2. A chill went down my spine as I read this but then a strange sense of elation at the thought. How amazing it would be if everything in our life had threads like these and we could undo things we wished weren’t a part of our life…

    1. It’s wonderful how words can be interpreted in so many ways. While penning this down I had no thoughts of this silver lining. But, now you made it even more beautiful. Thanks Sujay. 🙂

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