The Venomous Vault

Deborah was in for a rude shock when she reached Debbie’s room. The killer was sitting on Debbie’s bed with her head on his lap. Debbie was still under the influence of the sleeping pills. … Continue readingThe Venomous Vault

A Hundred Thousand

I wrote this poem in 2013 when The Supreme Court of India upheld Section 377 stating that a minuscule fraction of the country’s population constitutes the LGBT community. … Continue readingA Hundred Thousand

I Belonged

Looking at the eager eyes of his friends, he agreed to reveal that part of his world which he had hidden somewhere deep inside him. … Continue readingI Belonged

Sinful Eyes

Angela sat crying on the floor resting her head on the wall behind, still wearing her dress from the previous night. She didn’t tell anyone about the incident, not even her family and her best-friend, Nigella. She, like Warren was also coming to terms with the reality but on a different level – that she has been Assaulted, that she has been RAPED. … Continue readingSinful Eyes

Young Desire

Mugdha looked from the back window of the taxi that she had been put into by her parents. She was ecstatic as this was her first ever car ride. She had often seen kids hopping onto their cars from her balcony but she never had the opportunity to get into one herself. This was her day. … Continue readingYoung Desire

When Love Oozed Out Blood

Taira blindly switched on the lights and shrieked in bewilderment. A river of sweat sprang out of her temples. She hurried backwards as Neev advanced towards her. … Continue readingWhen Love Oozed Out Blood

Her Abduction Story

The half broken door of PP winked at Shalmolee through its cobwebbed eyelashes and in return Shalmolee gave the finger to the door and spat on its cockroach clad feet. They entered the place coughing and sneezing and tried looking for a decent place to tie Shalmolee and Anurag up. … Continue readingHer Abduction Story